Our Circles

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Studio Circles

Pop-up gatherings of 8-10 people who open up their minds, networks, and resources to solve a problem, provide feedback to help individuals, companies, and founders succeed. These circles are based on building trust and relationships among participants who all actively engage in discussions. The desired outcome for guests and participants is to learn something new, hear different perspectives and come away with new ideas and contacts.

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Design Your Life workshops

A series of sessions with a “design team” where participants are led through the “Designing Your Life” methodology based on frameworks by Bill Burnett & Dave Evans at Stanford University. Through the workshop, participants piece together their multiples roles and personas into a more rewarding concept of “work”.

Designing Your Life Certified Coach

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Different from both executive coaching and life coaching, TWS offers individual and small group coaching which focuses on the integration and bridging between aspects of work and life. A deep understanding of business along with training and certification of the “Designing Your Life” techniques and resources allows this coaching to be an effective tool to enhance and transform your quality of life..